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Handlair Gran Vac

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Meet the performance champ of grain vacs.

The versatility, flexibility, and performance of Handlair® is unmatched in the grain vac industry. Unlike most grain vacs which are limited to truck loading, a Handlair can fill tall bins, silos, and flat storage; transfer grain over long distances (several hundred feet); and gently handle seed grains – all while using lightweight 4″ to 6″ piping that makes set-up, operation, and take-down a breeze.

Developed and built for years of service in the heart of USA’s corn and soybean country, Handlair continues to set performance standards for grain vacs.

If you’re looking for a better way to move your grain and seed, you can count on Handlair.


Handlair Grain Vac Brochure

Handlair Grain Vac Brochure 

Handlair Gran Vacs
Models  560   566   680

More seed companies own a Handlair than all others put together.

When it comes to grain handling damage, seed companies are a demanding group. They’re very fussy about their seed handling equipment because seed handling damage costs them money – big money. Handlair revolutionized the seed industry by becoming the first pneumatic conveyor to pass test after test for handling damage – proving itself as the seed mover of choice for leading seed companies everywhere.

Make sure you look under the hood.

The two primary components of all push/pull pneumatic conveyors are the airlock and blower. The quality and design of these two components significantly impacts the performance, service life, and value of a grain vac.

For example, Handlair’s heavy-duty cast blow-through airlock with adjustable steel tips will keep operating when others plug or under-perform. As each rotor pocket containing grain passes in front of the blower’s discharge, the pocket is cleaned from the pressurized air passing directly through it – hence the term “blow-through airlock”. This results in higher conveying efficiency and better performance.

The Handlair positive displacement blower with hardened gears, high-quality bearings and seals can operate at pressures 25-50% higher, providing unequaled conveying performance.

Model Capacity (max) HP Line Size
560 3,500 bu/hr 100 5″ (127 mm)
566 4,000 bu/hr 105 6″ (152 mm)
680 5,700 bu/hr 150 6″ (152 mm)

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